About Us

About Microtop Information Technology
Mr. Umar, founder and owner of MICROTOP INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is a pioneer in the
business and takes it to the next level by interacting personally day to
day with our customers/clients to ensure they are well taken care of.
We have been serving the since 2018. Even with the exponential change in the quantity and quality of computers and components over the last 4+ years, Microtop has always provided the best service and expert advice about the products we sell and the services we offer. We’ve faithfully guided our customers through technical revolutions like floppy disks and zip drives to CD-ROM and flash memory sticks to our more current world of external hard drives and cloud-based internet storage. 

Where other companies have boomed and busted in this age of constant change, Microtop has adapted and held fast. We’ve been there through it all and continue to look toward exciting tech horizons.

We believe in forming solid partnerships with our client and helping them succeed in this rapidly changing technological world. Our exceptional customer service and exclusive pricing for quality hardware and service packages puts us--and our clients--ahead of the game. With the expertise our staff has, if your computer needs it, we’ll find it.